Game of Thrones fan setup a public memorial for Jon Snow in Brooklyn

7:01 AM

Jon Snow was one of the most popular characters in Game of Thrones and his death has caused an uproar amongst the fans. Kit Harington and the show creators have confirmed that Jon Snow has died but we still feel that he might get resurrected but that's only a theory. We have seen the shocked reactions of people while watching the season finale ending scene and also reactions on Twitter and people still are not able to believe that a character like Jon Snow could die but that's how brutal the world of Game of Thrones is. You never know what might happen.

A Game of Thrones fan from Williamsburg, Brooklyn has setup a public memorial for Jon Snow. Doherty tiped Gothamist about the memorial and this is what he said:

"I was commuting home when I came across this Game of Thrones memorial in Williamsburg. SPOILER ALERT. Jon Snow died Sunday so this was totally fitting. People were going nuts with all the feels! Though it was fitting to be shared."

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