Game of Thrones Hardhome battle scene took a month to shoot!

11:27 AM

Yes, you read it correctly. The Game of Thrones Hardhome battle scene has become the talking point of the season. Everyone was excited seeing how the events unfolded in the latest episode. Everyone is talking about the battle at Hardhome and it rightly deserves all the attention it is receiving. The battle which lasted for about 20 minutes, took almost a month to shoot. This means, it took more than a day to shoot just one minute of the scene. This tells you the efforts that were put in to make the episode and it has shown good results for the Game of Thrones team.

This is what Kit Harington told to E! News:

I thought the end product of what they produced for 'Hardhome' was amazing. We spent a month filming that sequence which was 20 minutes long. A month, a solid month. It equated to about a minute of footage a day. It was heavy and it was important to me that it worked because it's a really important beat in the Game of Thrones story. I thought it was brilliant. I really, really loved it. I was so proud of it and happy with it. I never pat myself on the back but I thought, why not? It was great!

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