Emilia Clarke would like to have a threesome with Ryan Gosling

6:16 AM

It seems that Emilia Clark really loves to have threesomes. Recently she showed her interest in having a threesome with Channing Tatum and his wife. Channing responded positively to that on The Howard Stern Show. Now it looks like Emilia has changed her preference as she took Ryan Gosling's name while suggesting a threesome with him. She was asked what would happen if her Game Of Thrones and Terminator characters had a girls' night out. Check the video and see what she had to say about Ryan Gosling:

Here's the transcript from the video:
If Sarah Connor and Daenerys Targaryen had a girls’ night out, where would they go and what would they do?

Emilia Clarke: Wow, that would be a serious night out. I would think that they would, I just don’t know.

Jai Courtney: Who’s calling the shots?

Emilia Clarke: I think Daenerys is. Daenerys is calling the shots.

Jason Clarke: Is it a club or a bar or a jazz boutique?

Emilia Clarke: Well somewhere that’s fireproof probably, because Daenerys would probably bring the dragons along with her. Ryan Gosling might be there just cause I think they both would think he was really hot.

Jai Courtney: Little ménage a trois with Ryan Gosling?

Emilia Clarke: Why not? I’m just throwing that one out there. If he wants to pick it up at any point, that’s fine.

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