Kit Harington is in Belfast and he isn't allowed to click pictures with fans

5:27 AM

We had posted about Kit Harington being spotted in Belfast and now we have a confirmation of that as many people have tweeted about meeting him. However, there's an interesting twist to the story as all the fans have said that Kit isn't allowed to click pictures as his presence in Belfast is supposed to be a secret! Well, in today's world it is really hard to stay undercover, especially you happen to be a main character in one of the most popular shows in the world. Also that means that there's a big chance that Jon Snow isn't dead and they don't want the world to know that Kit will be shooting for the next season. Here's what reddir user AnakinGabriel had to say:

Here's a hint, I live in Belfast and met Kit and Rose yesterday. I asked to take a picture and he said .. He is forbidden to take pictures because the media can not know he is in Belfast. He hinted that it is because of name than happens in today's episode .. After all, what was he doing in town if Jon would not appear in the sixth season? .. Life is dark and full of spoilers guys.

Here are more tweets from people who have seen or met Kit in Belfast.

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