Stannis Baratheon is dead and it's official now

4:08 AM

The Game of Thrones Season 5 finale was a bloody episode with lots of people dying and Stannis was supposedly one of the dead people. We had seen how Brienne confronted him and then swung her Valryian sword. However there were many people who speculated that as it wasn't shown that she actually made contact, he might still be alive. Recently at Comic-Con, the episode director, David Nutter confirmed that Stannis was actually dead. This is what Nutter said to Entertainment Weekly:

“From the very beginning, and [through] the script process, that was the intent — he’s dead,”

Even Gwendoline Christie who plays the role of Brienne has confirmed his death. She confirmed his death while talking to E! News

“I can’t offer you any insight whatsoever [why his death wasn't shown onscreen] because I don’t write the show and I don’t direct the show… yet!. No, but how could you ever doubt Brienne? What did you think I was doing, giving him a haircut?”

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  1. Fuck you D&D, killing off the one character who cared about the realm because he was your least favourite character.

    Praise Stannis, the one true Mannis.

  2. I think the reason this is an issue is the way the scene was edited. If we as an audience was to know Stannis was dead, they should have shown it. The scene leading up shows him looking behind Brienne as if someone was sneaking up behind her. You don't know if it was her sword swish or someone else s and she fell. If the intent was for us to know Stannis is dead, bad editing. If it's a cliff hanger, good editing and bad post-show PR. If it's a cliff hanger, leave it that way.