Game of Thrones star Kristian Nairn talks about what "Hodor" really means

5:16 AM

Hodor is one of the most loved characters in Game of Thrones and the fans simply adore him. However, Hodor isn't his real name! Most of the fans don't know that his real name is Walder and Hodor is just some word that he keeps on repeating. But we are dealing with George R.R. Martin and there has to be something hidden behind the word Hodor. Does Hodor really have some mysterious meaning and is Hodor really a simpleton as we believe him to be?

Kristian Nairn talked with Huffington Post and he discussed about the possible meaning of the word and it does seem to be exciting. Kristian suggested that the word Hodor might be related to the Norse god Höðr who is the God of Winter! George R.R. Martin takes lot of elements from history and mythology and it's possible that he might be in anyway related to The Great Other, who is the god of darkness or might know something about him.

"George calls on mythology in his writing. Does he do anything by accident? I don't know. It could be part of the whole 'winter is coming' thing; the others, the actual White Walkers, he could somehow be connected to them."

On being asked what he wished Hodor meant, this is what he said:

I would like there to be a dragon beneath Winterfell and the word to control it is 'Hodor' and he somehow tames it with the word Hodor.

We doubt that would happen but nevertheless it will be interesting to see Hodor sitting on a dragon. You can watch the interview below:

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