This is the reason why most Game of Thrones stars haven't read the books

8:39 AM

Recently we came to know that of all the Game of Thrones cast members who were at Comic-Con, only one had read the books and that was Gwendoline Christie who plays Brienne. We have also seen in the past where most of the stars haven't read the books and are unaware of what might happen to their characters as the series progresses. Now Iain Glen who plays Jorah Mormont has revealed the reason why they avoid to read the books.

In an interview with Radio Times, Iain Glen talked about why the cast members were told by the show creators to avoid reading the books.

"I don’t read the books. I read the first one when they gave me the job, just to get a feel from it and a synopsis breakdown of what was going to happen to the character. But beyond that, the writers themselves, David and Dan, they didn’t particularly want actors coming to the scripts from the book, always suggesting what the book did and how it was different – I could see the glazed look in their eyes when that happened. They were quite happy for us to move forward and treat them as screenplays with no history, so that’s the reason why I only ever read the first novel.”

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  1. So they didn't want people pointing out that they have shit all over the books?