Walder Frey is returning to Game of Thrones

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The Red Wedding was the most shocking event in Game of Thrones and the person who is responsible for it is coming back to the series. David Bradley who plays Walder Frey, recently talked with Zap2it and he gave some information about Walder Frey's return. Though he wasn't specific about his return and he isn't sure if he will be back in season 6.

Walder Frey is one of the most hated characters in Game of Thrones. He was the person who was mainly responsible for the shocking deaths of Catelyn, Robb and his wife Talisa and also her unborn child. Fans were shocked, angry and many even cried after watching the The Rains of Castamere episode.

Here's what he told Zap2it about his return:

He will be coming back, but I can’t say when. I can’t really say because things are in a delicate situation.I do look forward to it, because I do love playing someone so irredeemable. I’m afraid he makes me laugh because he’s so appalling that there’s a kind of dark humor in there somewhere.

 The North Remembers! Walder Frey is returning to Game of Thrones Walder Frey is returning to Game of Thrones

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