Game of Thrones team plays an awesome prank on sneaky fans

7:57 AM

The hit HBO series, Game of Thrones is so addictive that people just can't wait for almost a year for the next season. When the shooting for the season stars, the fans are on their toes to find as much as they can about the shooting locations and click photos of the stars on the sets.

The Game of Thrones team is used to fans spying on the sets to share info about what's happening during the shooting and they came up with an awesome prank to fool the sneaky fans. Currently Game of Thrones is shooting in Girona and as usual fans have been posting photos of the sets.
However, the Game of Thrones team had an unexpected surprise for the fans. If you look closely, near one of the windows you will find a shocking figure standing there.
We know that the White Walkers have arrived but they haven't yet crossed the Wall. So Westeros is safe for now. The production team intentionally placed a White Walker dummy in order to fool and surprise the fans. Nice work guys!

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