Kit Harington spotted in Belfast with a cast member. Massive season 6 spoilers ahead!

6:47 AM

We know that earlier last month Kit Harington was in Belfast and he also met a cast member but all that wasn't in anyway linked to the shooting for Game of Thrones season 6 but now we have some massive news!! Warning: Massive spoilers ahead. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Game of Thrones fan site, Watchers on the Wall has reported that Game of Thrones is filming scenes for a massive battle in Northern Ireland, which will be part of the 9th episode. So the tradition continues and we can expect another awesome 9th episode in season 6.

The battle with involve armies of Umbers, Boltons, wildlings but the major spoiler is that Kit Harington has been spotted at the sets while participating in the shoot along with Iwan Rheon AKA Ramsay Bolton!

So it seems that the theories about Jon Snow being resurrected are true and Jon will be freed from the Night's Watch oath once he is resurrected and he can take revenge against the Boltons.

Another interesting thing is that we had last seen Rickon and Osha split with Bran and others to meet the Umbers and take refuge with them and considering that the Umbers are a part of this battle, it must be to remove the Boltons from Winterfell and replace them with a Stark.

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