Sean Bean says Jon Snow isn't Ned's son and insists Ned will return to the show

6:02 AM

Fans of the Song of Ice and Fire book series and Game of Thrones TV show have been discussing theories about Jon Snow's real parents and over the period of time and now newer Jon Snow theories are being discussed. Everyone agrees that Ned Stark isn't Jon Snow's father but there has been no official confirmation about this theory till now and the show creators are also keeping mum about it.
However that isn't stopping Sean Bean from letting people know what he feels. Sean Bean who is famous for playing characters who always die on screen insists that Jon Snow isn't Ned Stark's son and he is also sure that he will return to the show as Ned Stark.

If that happens, it won't happen because his headless is resurrected by the White Walkers. His role might be about flashbacks which reveal Jon Snow's real parents. Sean Bean has spoken with Vulture and spoken out his mind regarding the series.

"I've definitely got some unfinished business that needs to be resolved there. I'm obviously not Jon Snow's dad. And you need that to be revealed at some point, don't you?"

He also added more information about the topic.

"He’s not my child. He isn’t. That's what I suspected all along. Probably a bit psychologically confused, I would imagine! I think that’s probably an interesting journey for Jon Snow as a character and for [Kit Harington] as the actor. He’s been very fortunate in being one of the characters that had a very meaty, substantial, very complex story to be able to discover for himself. He’s been lucky to survive!"

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