[Spoilers] Rumours say that a Stark might return in Game of Thrones season 6

3:56 AM

Earlier we had reported that Kit Harington was spotted in Belfast with Iwan Rheon and there were reports that the cast was shooting for a massive battle for the 9th episode of the 6th season. Many people had clicked photos of the shooting and shared them online.

One of the person who tweeted the photo said that the battle was between the Boltons and the Wildlings. There were speculations that Jon Snow was alive and he was leading the Wildlings against the Boltons. In addition to it, a reddit user shared the following information:

The battle scene in the North. Boltons vs northern allies (Karstarks & Umbers), sellswords, wildlings and A STARK is killed in a very shocking battle.

Now we don't know how true it might be but Irish Thrones recently tweeted a rumour about a certain long lost Stark and when you put together these pieces of information, it starts to make some sense.
So it might happen that Jon Snow is alive and he leads the Wildlings against the Boltons and they are joined by the Karstarks, Umbers and remaining members of Stannis' army. Also Benjen Stark finally arrives and helps Jon Snow fight against the Boltons and during the battle something shocking might happen and he dies.

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