Game of Thrones creators defend the Stannis scene: ‘It was supposed to be awful’

5:03 AM

The recent Game of Thrones episode shocked everyone and overnight Stannis went from being a hero to a hated character. We have seen lot of horrible things happening in Game of Thrones but we didn't think that they would show a father sacrificing his young daughter by burning her. In an interview to Entertainment Weekly, D.B. Weiss defended the scene by saying that “it was supposed to be awful.” Here is a small part from the interview:

When I asked Weiss the question that fans surely have tonight: “How could you do that to Shireen?” Weiss philosophically noted you could “flip that question” into a larger debate about how we’re all highly selective about which characters deserve our empathy. Stannis has been burning people alive for seemingly trivial reasons since season 2, yet we’ve still tended to regard him as a great leader—at least, by Westeros standards.

“It’s like a two-tiered system,” he noted. “If a superhero knocks over a building and there are 5,000 people in the building that we can presume are now dead, does it matter? Because they’re not people we know. But if one dog we like gets run over by a car, it’s the worst thing we’ve we’ve ever seen. I totally understand where that visceral reaction comes from. I have that same reaction. There’s also something shitty about that. So instead of saying, ‘How could you do this to somebody you know and care about?’ maybe when it’s happening to somebody we don’t know so well, maybe then it should hit us all a bit harder.”

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  1. D@D have gone full retard or are trying some weak ass damage control it is not the fact that shireen was burnt it is the poor writing the inconsistency the absolute destruction of stannis as a character

    1. GRRM himself wrote this event in his upcoming book.

    2. Dillon, you (& D&D) simply still don't get it, and probably at this rate never will. Stannis won't burn Shireen in the books, she may burn, but not with Stannis' blessing.

      "Half my army is made up of unbelievers, I will have no burnings, pray harder" somehow got translated into, burn my daughter, it's mental.

  2. They didn't kill Shireen. They depicted Stannis killing Shireen. And this scene has been coming for a long time, I called it as soon as they took Shireen with them from Dragonstone. I thought it would be the mum that did it, though, as she was much more taken in by the whole Red God thing.