Game of Thrones season 5 finale has shattered all previous piracy records

12:37 AM

Game of Thrones has been long been one of the most pirated TV series and it has broken many piracy records in this season already. However, the brutal and bloody Game of Thrones season 5 finale took piracy to the next level. TorrentFreak has reported that there have been 1.5 million downloads in just the first 8 hours, which is really huge! Here's the report :

Data gathered by TorrentFreak shows that during the first eight hours, the season finale has been downloaded an estimated 1.5 million times already.Never before have we seen this many downloads in such a short period of time, and last year it took half a day to reach the same number. Based on this figure, the download count is expected to increase to more than 10 million during the days to come.The lower quality 480p copies of the show remain by far the most popular among downloaders, followed by 720p and 1080p copies respectively.

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