Game of Thrones' Kerry Ingram joked about the terrible death scene from season 5

8:32 AM

During Game of Thrones season 5 princess Shireen was killed in a brutal way when her father allowed Melisandre to burn her as a gift to the God of Light. People where shocked after watching the scene but it seems that Kerry Ingram whose character got killed isn't very sad. Recently at a BBQ with friends, she joked about the scene when she tweeted the following picture.
Many people had a nice laugh about the joke but there were people who thought that the joke was made too soon. As a result Kerry tweeted an apology for the fans who weren't amused with her joke.
What do you think about the joke? Do you feel that it was too soon? We would love to know your opinion in the comments section.

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  1. to soon??? no way

    I think its a hoot, well done Kerry. Shows more of her personality.

    Hopefully she scores another gig soon

    1. Exactly. She is a teenager. She is having fun.Way to go, kiddo!

  2. Good for her! It is, after all, A FICTIONAL STORY... She is a great actress, and it was sad to see that character go, especially in such a brutal way, but again A FICTIONAL STORY.