Game of Thrones cast talks about Jon Snow at the Emmys

3:29 PM

When the Game of Thrones cast attended the 2015 Emmys, everyone had one question for them, "Is Jon Snow alive?" The cast members were obviously very secretive about what would happen with Jon Snow and most of them just stated what happened in the season 5 finale without giving any hint about what might happen.  

Conleth Hill who plays Lord Varys said that, "He's dead," and Alfie Allen responded with "but he lives on" before clarifying by saying, "No, not physically you know! In memory."  

Sophie Turner appeared to be clueless about Jon Snow's fate. She replied, "I genuinely have no idea what's going to happen, but he did get stabbed at the end of last season so… kind of explains itself, you know?".  

Carice van Houten AKA Melisandre was more straightforward and she refused to say anything about the topic. "I've heard, I've heard, but I'm not going to say anything."  

Gwendoline Christie replied by saying, "I adore Kit Harington. I think everybody will like to see a bit more of him" Watch the video below

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